How To Use The Heist Cleaning Kit

Step 1

Tear open packaging via fastening (don’t worry you can reseal it later)

Step 2

Take your watch or jewellery and place it on a flat clean surface

Step 3

Spray Heist Cleaning Solution directly onto object (ensure your watch is water resistant)

Step 4

Allow to sit & soak for 60 seconds

Step 5

Use Heist Cleaning Cloth to gently rub - Dirt and grime will appear on the cloth

Step 6

Use Heist Cleaning Wand to gently scrub and get any hard to reach places on your watch or jewellery

Step 7

Once dirt has been removed, give watch or jewellery a final polish with the same cloth and allow to dry

Step 8

Leave Heist Cleaning Cloth to dry before placing back in packaging